Our customers use our automated grading systems at sawmills for green sorting, final sorting, simultaneous green and final sorting on combi lines and edging, as well as in planer and plywood mills.

Our customers range from small family businesses to major forest industry groups. Our systems have been delivered to countries all over the globe.

Among our major customers in Northern Countries and Russia are Stora Enso, Metsä Group, UPM, Versowood, Setra Group, SCA, Keitele Timber, Södra Timber, Pölkky, Moelven, Bergene Holm, ULK and Norra Skogsägarna.

“The speed and quality of grading have increased.”
”We’ve received fantastic service and high value yield.”
”Our losses have decreased and quality has clearly improved.”
“The system works well and both the quality and service are good.”
”This investment has really increased our production capacity.”

Some of our latest deliveries


Binder Holz, Nurmes
iRed, LogEye301, Screenlog, Winlog, Finscan T&T 6000, Viscan, Denscan Variosort
Binder Holz, Lieksa
LogEye301, Screenlog, Winlog, Viscan Plus
Metsä Fibre, Rauma
3 x Finscan T&B 6000, MoistSpy-4
Pölkky Oy, Kajaani
Finscan T&B 6000
Koskisen Oy
Finscan T&B 6000
Versowood Oy
Curvescan 901, Goldeneye 301+
Iisveden Metsä Oy
Finscan T&B 6000
Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö
Finscan T&B 6000


Setra Wood, Heby
Finscan T&B 6000
Setra Wood, Skinnskatteberg
Finscan T&B 6000
Setra Wood Nyby
Södra Wood Värö
Finscan T&B 6000, Optiside 901
Derome Timber AB
Logeye 301, Screenlog, iRed
Derome Timber AB
Logeye 302, Screenlog, Winlog, iRed
Derome Timber AB
Logeye 302, Screenlog, Winlog, iRed
Moelven Wood Interiör AB
M3 Scan 301
Åsljunga Pallen AB
Wanescan 901, Variosort
Vanhäll Såg AB
WoodEye Crosscut
Norra Skogsägarna Sävar Såg
Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB
Norra Skogsägarna Hissmofors
Logeye 302, Screenlog, Winlog
Norra Skogsägarna Kåge
CT-Log, Winlog, Logeye 302, Screenlog, Maxicut, Variosort, 2 x Goldeneye 901

RUSSIA (before February 2022)

ULK (Ustyanskiy)
Finscan T&B 6000, MoistSpy-4
Cherepovetsles (Belozerks)
Finscan T&B 6000
Metsä Group (Svir)
Finscan T&B 6000
ULK (Pestovo)
Finscan T&B 6000, MoistSpy-4
ULK (Ustyanskiy)
Finscan T&B 6000

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Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

Come and meet us at the following trade fairs and events: ★ SAWTEC DAYS - Umeå, SWE - January, 18-19★ IHLA - Indianapolis, USA - February, 06-08★ SAWTEC DAYS - Örebro, SWE - February, 08-09★ MLMA - Missisippi, USA - February, 16-17★ SAWTEC DAYS - Ronneby, SWE - March,...

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