Strength grading

Our strength grading solution is entirely software-based and can be installed directly on almost all Finscan systems in use without any changes to the electronics or sawmill mechanics.

  • Machine strength grading in accordance with EN 14081
    • Strength grading with NOVA up to class C40 and with HD up to class C30
    • T-classes possible up to class T22
    • Can be used for green sorting, final sorting and planed timber sorting
    • Strength grading in accordance with visual standards (INSTA 142, BS 4978)
  • Visual grading of structural lumber in accordance with North American ALS/CLS standards
  • Visual grading of glulam products (JAS)

Visual strength grading is based on grading rules and primarily the number, quality and location of knots, while software-based machine strength grading uses statistical analysis of knots, directions of growth and other knot-related factors to create a model, based on which the strength is then estimated.

Our quality grading system has been used for appearance-grading since the early 1990s and is based on the Nordic Timber Grading Rules standard for the visual quality-grading of sawn timber (Green book, Blue book, Grey book and the latest Black book). Over the years, the system has been expanded to cover the visual grading of sawn timber in other countries, primarily in the global coniferous zone: Central Europe, North America and Russia, Australia, South America and New Zealand.

Since the mid-2000s, the Finscan system has also been used for visual strength grading. The system was approved for grading based on the Nordic INSTA 142 standard, the British BS 4978 standard (known as SS/GS grading) and on North American standards (WWPA, WCLIB, etc.). The Finscan system is also widely used as a supplementary visual method together with acoustic strength measurement equipment, for example.

The Finscan system has also been approved for machine strength grading of sawn timber. Approval was awarded at a meeting of the CEN/TC124/WG2/TG1 group in March 2019 and later extended in 2019 and 2020 to apply to new strength classes and dimensions. The latest approvals were documented in Approved Grading Reports (AGR) AGR-036 and AGR-037. AGR-036 deals with the Finscan system and the latter with the HD system.

Approval is sought by growth area. The Finscan system has so far been approved for machine strength grading in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and in the Baltic States. In addition, strength grading must be audited separately at each sawmill. Auditing is carried out by an external inspection institution, which audits the entire strength-grading process twice a year in accordance with the EN standard. Approval confers the right to stamp a strength class.

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