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We offer solutions for every sawmill. MiCROTEC Espoo (former FinScan) is a part of leading manufacturer of wood scanner technologies – MiCROTEC. We are working together to establish a competitive edge and profitability for our customers with a wider range of possibilities.

Our unique technology is now being boosted by Buzzard artificial intelligence. This software, which features neural networks, allows the system to be programmed to learn and adapt to the unique operating environment of each sawmill.

MiCROTEC Espoo sells MiCROTEC products in Finland, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

To find your local MiCROTEC representative in other countries, contact the MiCROTEC sales team.

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Board Scanners


Finscan is the board scanner which sets the standard for sawmill scanners. It is a combination of the most advanced electronics and hardware and the best AI software. While technically simple and easy to maintain, Finscan’s performance is now better than ever before with proven value yield of over 96% at high speeds.

Every new Finscan system is operated by Buzzard® artificial intelligence with defect detection. The Buzzard® AI drives Finscan to grade the lumber with a great accuracy. Buzzard® also reduces ghost detection by more than 90%.


Moistspy is a continuous-measurement moisture scanner which verifies the results of the drying process using microwave technology with 4- to 8-point scanning. It scans the moisture content of every board without physical contact.

Since Moistspy measures the moisture of individual boards instead of average moisture, drying errors can be detected more accurately than ever before. When paired with the Finscan board scanner, Moistspy measures each board at a speed of up to 240 boards per minute.

Moistspy scans a wide range of board sizes from 75 mm up, with thicknesses of 15-100 mm. The scanner does not need re-calibration or for the line to be stopped when switching board sizes. Moistspy is the most versatile moisture scanner on the market.


Endspy is a board-end analyser for sawmill applications in green grading, final grading or remanufacturing plants.

Endspy can easily be combined with our Finscan grading system, but it can also be used as a standalone analyser of green or dry lumber. With the Finscan system, Endspy system has good correlation with Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) and Modulus of Rupture (MOR) strength values.


Strength Grading

The completely new sawn timber strength calculation software was approved in 2019 at a meeting of the CEN group for use in mechanical strength grading in accordance with standard EN 14081.

The novelty and advantage of the system is that as a fully software-based solution it can be installed directly on almost all Finscan systems in use without any changes to the electronics or sawmill mechanics.

Strength grading can be used in final and green sorting as well as in planed timber sorting. It has options for North American ALS/CLS sorting and for Japanese JAS.

News and articles

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Lucidyne is now MiCROTEC Corvallis

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