Vara Saeveski has signed a Service Agreement with FinScan as the first sawmill in the Baltics


The Service Agreement model we introduced at the beginning of the year has been very well received. Already 75 percent of our customers in Finland have entered into a service agreement with us, in which FinScan ensures the regular maintenance and upkeep of both hardware and software, and the customer is always aware of the service and maintenance costs in advance. Our Service Agreement model is also available for our customers in the Baltics, where we have just entered into the first agreement with Vara Saeveski OÜ.

The Service Agreement is equally suitable for a small sawmill as for a large sawmill group. The content of the agreement can be agreed according to the customer’s own needs.

FinScan Service Agreement

The FinScan Service Agreement is a fixed-price maintenance and technical support service for FinScan customers.

With the FinScan Service Agreement, you ensure the regular maintenance and upkeep of both your hardware and software. This reduces the risk of scanner downtime and minimises interruptions to production.

The FinScan Service Agreement includes the following:

  • Support Hotline
  • On-site inspection and maintenance program
  • Remote monitoring and online support
  • On-site training on scanners and software for your sawmill staff to optimise the performance of your scanners

Service Agreement advantages:

  • Maintenance is always carried out on time, following a pre-planned schedule
  • Scanners will always be in good condition and up to date for optimum performance
  • Annual maintenance costs are predictable
  • FinScan experts are at your service for prompt response and support
  • Discounts on spare parts and additional technical services.

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