The official name of our company is now Microtec Innovating Wood Oy


Fin Scan Oy’s new name Microtec Innovating Wood Oy was registered in the Trade Register on 13 August 2021.

Our business ID remains unchanged.

The new name will be used in official contexts. In other cases, our marketing name Microtec Espoo is used.

If our name change requires changes to our agreements, please contact Juha Ropilo, Sales Manager,

In June, we moved to a new address in Espoo. Our new address is Klovinpellontie 1-3, 02180 Espoo.

Our email addresses are in the format

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Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

Come and meet us at the following trade fairs and events: ★ SAWTEC DAYS - Umeå, SWE - January, 18-19★ IHLA - Indianapolis, USA - February, 06-08★ SAWTEC DAYS - Örebro, SWE - February, 08-09★ MLMA - Missisippi, USA - February, 16-17★ SAWTEC DAYS - Ronneby, SWE - March,...

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