Södra Wood’s Värö sawmill speeds up its new planner line with Finscan grading system


The long-term cooperation between MiCROTEC and Södra Wood will continue when MiCROTEC delivers a new Finscan grading system to Södra Wood’s Värö sawmill. The delivery is part of Södra Wood’s development project, where a new CLT plant will be built in Värö. The need for planed material will increase with the new plant, and a second planner line will be built alongside the existing one in 2022. MiCROTEC’s Finscan NOVA-N grading system enables the high speed of the new planner line when sawn timber pieces do not need to be turned. The maximum speed on the line is 240 pieces per minute.

The Finscan quality system measures and optimizes sawn timber in accordance with Scandinavian sorting rules and can also be used for strength grading into C and T classes. The measuring device also makes it possible to sort according to the ALS standard for the North American market. At the older Södra Värö planner line, ALS sorting has been done with BoardMaster HD equipment for about 10 years.

Installations of the new Finscan meter will begin in the fall of 2022 and will be commissioned in the spring of 2023.

Microtec Finscan board scanner for sawmills

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