MiCROTEC’s Finscan system has been approved for machine strength grading first in the Baltics at Stora Enso sawmill


At Stora Enso‘s sawmill, fully software-based strength grading is performed with MiCROTEC’s Finscan quality scanner in dry sorting. Software-based machine strength grading uses statistical analysis of knots, directions of growth and other knot-related factors to create a model, based on which the strength is then estimated. The MiCROTEC Finscan system has so far been approved for machine strength grading in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and in the Baltic States.

The completely new sawn timber strength calculation software was approved in 2019 at a meeting of the CEN group for use in mechanical strength grading in accordance with standard EN 14081. The novelty and advantage of the system is that as a fully software-based solution it can be installed directly on almost all MiCROTEC Finscan systems in use without any changes to the electronics or sawmill mechanics.


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