Our grading system has now also been approved for planed timber strength grading


The FinScan’s timber grading systems has been approved for strength grading of planed goods in accordance with the EN 14081 standard at the meeting of the CEN TC124 / WG2 / TG1 group. Prior to this, strength grading has been possible for green and dry sawn timber.

Moreover, FinScan’s approval now allows for more robust dimensions. This means, for example, that spruce can be strength graded up to a thickness of 110 mm and pine up to 82 mm.

FinScan’s strength grading is entirely software-based and can be installed directly on all NOVA systems and on almost all of the old HD systems in use without any changes to the electronics or sawmill mechanics. This year, software-based mechanical strength grading has already been approved at nine sawmills in Finland and Sweden, with the process currently underway at a 10th sawmill.

FinScan Strength grading

  • Machine strength grading in accordance with EN 14081
    • Strength grading with NOVA up to class C40 and with HD up to class C30
    • T-classes possible up to class T22
    • Can be used for green sorting, final sorting and planed timber sorting
  • Strength grading in accordance with visual standards (INSTA 142, BS 4978)
  • Visual grading of structural lumber in accordance with North American ALS/CLS standards
  • Visual grading of glulam products (JAS)

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Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

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