FinScan Local Support is now available from a single number and email 


FinScan Local Support in Finland and the Baltics is now serving all matters related to service and maintenance in one phone number and e-mail. This ensures that requests for support are processed quickly and efficiently.

You can reach FinScan Local Support for Finland and the Baltics by phone +358 10 208 5500 and by e-mail

Our office number in Finland has also changed. The new number is +358 10 208 5501.

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Lucidyne is now MiCROTEC Corvallis

Lucidyne is now MiCROTEC Corvallis

Two years ago, in the middle of the pandemic, MiCROTEC acquired the American market leader & pioneer in the field of AI-based scanner solutions Lucidyne. Exactly one year after the rebrandings of FinScan as MiCROTEC Espoo and Woodeye as MiCROTEC Linköping in...

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