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Cherepovetsles is one of the largest timber companies in the North-West of Russia. Cherepovetsles holding company harvests 1.45 million m³ of round timber and produces 200 000 m³ of sawn timber annually. The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in June 2019 and is known both in Russia as well as abroad for its high-quality products. Before installing FinScan’s BoardMaster all grading of lumber in Cherepovetsles Belozerskles sawmill was done manually. “When FinScan was installed, the quality and speed of sorting increased. The sorting volume with the help of FinScan is already about 300-400 m³ per shift. Before that the sorting volume without scanner was 120 m³ average, maximum 200 m³ lumber” says Vasili Manzhula, director of Belozerskles sawmill.
Belozerskles exports 50-60% of their lumber to China and the rest to Europe. 35% of their logs are pine and the remaining 65% is spruce. In the future Belozerskles aims to reach their annual target volumes by working in one shift. With the increased speed and quality of sorting enabled by FinScan’s BoardMaster these volumes and targets are possible. “In the future, one shift will be enough for us, with a volume of 100 000 m³ of lumber. If we saw 500 m³ per shift, we can actually work in one shift” Manzhula states. When the decision of moving from manual to automated grading was made, Cherepovetsles chose FinScan after reviewing several manufacturers. The decision was based on quality, reliability and, maybe most of all, on getting good service when needed.
Cherepovetsles increased its quality and speed of lumber sorting on their Belozerskles sawmill with BoardMaster grading system.
“We reviewed several manufacturers, but chose FinScan. We looked at the quality, reliability, service etc. As well as good service in Russian. We communicate almost any time of the day and they help us”, Manzhula tells. Knowing your customers and the market they are operating on is very important as well as giving them the service they need in their own language. FinScan has been operating in Russia for several years, first through agents and since May 2019 our own subsidiary FinScan Rus. “They have been working here for more than ten years and their Russian-speaking service is very good. Because of this, most choose FinScan” Manzhula praises. Watch the Cherepovetsles reference video and learn more about quality grading with BoardMaster. Do you also want consistent quality, production optimized for your customers’ needs and higher value yield on your sawn timber production? Contact our experts and let’s solve your grading related questions together.

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Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

Meet us at events and trade fairs in 2023!

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